The Festive Tag

So it’s finally December, and those of us who have been waiting impatiently for the days when Christmas jumpers and non-stop festive music are acceptable have finally been satiated. The inevitable excitement this produced in me, teamed with my guilty conscience for the neglect of my blog in favour of school work this past month, have really made me eager to get writing again. So when I got a message from Viola from apieceofviola tagging me in the Festive Tag, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get back into the swing of things as well as an opportunity to ramble about all things festive.

1. Favourite Festive Food

It goes without saying that one of the best things about this season is the ability to eat as much food as you’re physically capable of without fear of judgement. In terms of Christmas dinner itself, the stuffing and pigs in blankets have to be the high points, and aside from that, mince pies and mulled cider have to be the winners for me- nothing else warms you up quite as well.

2. Favourite Reindeer

After spending many a childhood Christmas arguing over it, I am proud to say I possess the wonderful talent of being able to recite the full collection of names by heart (it’s invaluable knowledge, trust me). Nevertheless, I have to admit I’ve never gone so far as to decide on a favourite.. I guess I’d have to do it based on name and go for Comet, which I think is quite apt for an animal that flies through the sky and makes wishes come true.

3. Favourite Day in the 12 Days of Christmas

Easily got to be Ten (I think) Lords-A-Leaping simply due to the hilarious corresponding actions it always seems to produce.

4. Favourite Christmas Song

I feel I’m quite unimaginative in my festive music choices, with my favourites being the obvious choices: The Pogues’ ‘Fairytale of New York’ and Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You‘. I’m one of those people that firmly believe in not playing Christmas songs until December, so now it’s finally here I’ve spent a worrying amount of time already prancing round my room to festive compilations!

5. Favourite Christmas Present

Without a doubt this would have to be my record player which my parents bought me when I was 16- an orange 70s portable Philips one which I absolutely adore. Since I was very young, we’ve always had many record players in the house as well as a jukebox, so I’ve grown up with an ingrained preference for vinyl over downloads, and this is certainly the case now I’ve started to build up my own collection.

6. Favourite Christmas Film

I’m sorry to disappoint in the fact that once again I have to choose the most obvious answers there are, but ‘Elf’ and ‘Love Actually’ are just too classic to have be beaten by any other, and the latter may be a large part of the reason I love ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ so very much.

7. Favourite Cracker Toy

I can remember many childhood Christmases longing to get the spring with the little metal ring on it (please tell me other people know what I’m talking about here). I always loved the fact that despite my youth, I seemed to be the only one who knew the ‘trick’ behind it- years later I look back and consider the very real possibility that they were simply humouring me…oh to be young and ignorant.

8. Favourite Cracker Joke

‘Why is it getting harder to buy Advent calendars?
Because their days are numbered.’

9. Favourite Christmas Decoration

That would easily be the terrifying “fairy” that I made when I was about 7 and my mum still begrudgingly finds space for every year. At least it has character, right?

10. Favourite Candle Smell

I’m really not a fan of anything overly sweet as a lot of Christmas scents tend to be; I lean more towards the spicy scents and my favourite this year has to be spiced apple, although the Spiced Orange Yankee Candle is also heavenly.

11. Favourite Christmas Advert

The John Lewis advert is always the most hyped up every year and never fails to impress, but this year I have to say the Waitrose advert brought a little tear to my eye. In general, the competition has definitely been upped this year and there are so many great ones if I’m honest.

12. Favourite Christmas Tradition

In our family, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day are never complete without a long walk in the beautiful countryside around where I live, always accompanied by a flask of hot coffee and whatever leftovers can be found. It’s one of those traditions that I loved when I was little, despised as a teenager, and will probably pass down when I have a family of my own one day (sorry in advance kids).

13. Favourite Place to Spend Christmas

Anywhere as long as there are a lot of people- I love spending Christmas at my dads because there’s always so much of my family there and the house is so full of life, especially with my five-year-old brother and sister running around wreaking havoc.

14. Favourite Christmas Fact

According to data analyzed from Facebook posts, two weeks before Christmas is one of the two most popular times for couples to break up.. make sure you watch out for 11th December, kids.

15. Favourite Snowman Accessory

Must say this is a bit of a random question but I’d have to say the scarf as I used to have one just like in ‘The Snowman’, which is easily my favourite Christmas childhood book and which will always be a classic.

Thanks to Viola for tagging me, I’m throwing the ball out to you guys now- anyone who hasn’t already done the tag and wants to join in, feel free! As for me, I’m off to find myself a mince pie and my copy of Love Actually… happy December everyone!