Autumn 2014 Lookbook

In true British style, autumn has hit us hard with seemingly endless downpours interspersed with only the odd sunshine-filled properly autumn-style day. This has to be the weirdest and most awkward season in terms of fashion, but it might just have to be my favourite; the Doc Martens and scarves are out but it’s still possible to leave the house without a puffa coat and thermals. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of bloggers sharing their picks for the current season and I really love being able to take inspiration, so I decided to procrastinate from school work even longer, whip out my camera and hop on the bandwagon. As far as I can, I’ve tried to link up the items below, but there are a few bits and pieces from various vintage and charity shops, so I apologise in advance for that annoyance.

look1(Denim Jacket- vintage; Top- Boohoo, £15; Skirt- vintage, Doc Martens- Office, £100)

If I had to choose a favourite piece in my wardrobe, I would have to say my denim jacket which was fiercely bartered for in Spitalfields market two years ago- it’s 80s Levi’s and it would be safe to say a week doesn’t go by where I don’t throw it on, no matter the season. For warmer autumn days, I’ve paired it with a dark grey straight skirt which I picked up from a kilo sale in London for a couple of pounds, and a new purchase of a cute white crop top with crochet detailing on the hem. Of course, there was no other option for shoes than my Doc Martens- nothing makes me happier about heading into the colder months than being able to wear these beauties again.
look2(Coat- Boohoo, £45; Dress- Boohoo, £12; Boots- Boohoo, £20)

If you’re noticing that there’s an excess of Boohoo products in this lookbook, that would be the result of the huge order than was delivered to my house the other day, burning a rather large hole in my purse but adding some much-needed basics to my autumn wardrobe. My favourite of these are this new boyfriend coat and boots (yes they are self-admittedly cheaper copies of the beautiful Timberland boots which my bank balance cried at the prospect of me purchasing). Along with these, I paired this grey “cold shoulder” dress which was such good value for money- I’m seriously loving the baggy dress/coat with tights and boots combo at the moment if you hadn’t guessed.

look3(Skirt- vintage; Jumper- Boohoo, £12; Shoes- Blitz Vintage; Tights- New Look; Slippers- Urban Outfitters)

I find it really hard to find skirts that fit me well and suit my shape, but this denim mini that I found in an underground vintage market on Brick Lane is one of my best finds. Teamed with this cropped basic black jumper, knitted tights and these adorable men’s leather boat shoes, it makes the perfect combination for a chilly autumn day or just curling up by the fire with a mug of tea and my gorgeous slippers from last Christmas (I’m really hoping Urban Outfitters bring back something similar this year).

look4(Jeans- Blitz Vintage; Top- Boohoo, £8; Converses- Office, £45; Scarf- Shepherd’s Land)

For those slightly sunnier days, I immediately reach for my favourite high-waisted boyfriend jeans (they’re Levi’s 901s in case anyone was wondering). With these, I pretty much without exception will wear my worn-in-to-the-point-of-being-battered converse lowtops and a simple long-sleeved crop top. I do love a bit of colour, so I can’t help but reach for my checked scarf- nothing says Christmas is coming like red tartan. Coincidentally, it actually matches my lipstick (Rimmel Matte Kate Moss in 107) pretty well too, so I can pretend that I actually take care in things like coordinating my outfits.. bonus.

I suppose I should apologise for the fact that I haven’t posted in a good couple of weeks; whilst I may not have an excuse I do have a reason- the last month or so has been absorbed with UCAS forms and university choices, but luckily I submitted my application a couple of days ago so hopefully I’ll now be back into the whole posting when I promise I will thing. Fingers crossed.