Dare To Bare

I was actually going to write a completely different post this week, but I couldn’t leave this be without saying my piece. As many of you will have seen, there’s a phase going round on Facebook where girls nominate each other to take a no makeup selfie and post it online before nominating their friends to carry on the trend. There are clearly similarities here with other, less innocent, phases such as the neknomination fiasco that actually resulted in multiple deaths. But this is for charity. Now I don’t know if I am the only one that took a while to actually realise this, as the first few posts I saw had no mention of the purpose behind the trend-it’s strange how a charitable campaign can be criticised,  but there are so many people who have just taken the opportunity to show off how good they can look without makeup, with no mention of the cause whatsoever. Eventually it became apparent that this was a campaign for Cancer Research UK- although whether started by the charity themselves or just some do-gooders I am unsure. The idea of it is to post your no makeup selfie next to a picture of your donation to the charity, which is done by texting BEAT to 70099, before nominating friends to pass it on.

As someone who only recently started wearing makeup again after 9 months without it,  I find it pretty sad that I’ve seen negative comments aimed at some of these girls; telling them that they should put the makeup back on or other unnecessary remarks. I find it disgusting that people assume that females should have to cake themselves in makeup because because, god forbid, everyone might realise that most girls don’t have naturally flawless skin and two-inch eyelashes. So of course it’s our duty to be something we are not in order to be attractive whilst men are allowed to just roll out of bed and go out without a glance in the mirror. I’m not trying to turn this into some kind of feminist rant, and I know that many women (including myself) wear makeup because they like to do so and not for anyone else, but people like this just make me angry and I couldn’t leave it without saying anything.

I just want to make sure that the whole message of this campaign is not lost; cancer is a horrible issue that is almost certain to affect you or someone you know at some point, and Cancer Research is a great charity. Do your no-makeup selfies to raise awareness and donate your £3, but don’t lose sight of what the real point in this is- saving lives not getting attention.