bucket list

I thought I would share with you some of the things that I want to do before I die and put photos for ones that I achieve.

1) Skydive



Best day of my life and raised £500 for ABF Soliders’ Charity which was amazing.

2) Bungee jump

3) Get a tattoo

4) Get more ear piercings (I’m a pain wimp which is why I haven’t already done so)

5) Visit every continent in the world (yes that includes Antarctica)

6) Give blood

7) Do a silent meditation retreat

8) Go to Glastonbury

9) See Arctic Monkeys live

Arctic Monkeys


29/10/13- Cardiff Motorpoint Arena. Best night of my life.

10) Go interailing

11) Visit Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

12) Go to Disneyland again

13) Visit New York

14) Volunteer in  a 3rd world country

15) Live in Paris

16) Have a Harry Potter marathon

17) Go on a road trip

18) Sleep on a beach

19) Sleep in a truck bed

20) Go on a midnight adventure

21) Go stargazing

22) Lie under a plane runway (yes I got this idea from 90210 and I’ve wanted to do it ever since)

23) Dye my hair a crazy colour

24) Go scuba-diving

25) Go husky sledging

26) Go to Warped tour

27) Meet the incredible people I know online

28) Go to Vidcon and SITC

29) Visit the Taj Mahal

30) See the Northern Lights


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