March Favourites

So somehow it’s nearly the end of March, which is pretty scary considering the fact that I have exams in six weeks, even though it feels like year 12 only just started.  I know that making monthly favourites videos is something more likely to be found on YouTube, but I love watching other people’s and I see no reason why it wouldn’t work just as well on a blog. I figured I would sit down once a month to tell you my favourite book, film, makeup, etc of the moment; so here are the some of the things I have been obsessing over in March.


mmfdTV show- My Mad Fat Diary

I know I’m not the only one that was extremely excited about the return of MMFD after a fantastic first series, and I can honestly say it’s every bit as good as hoped, if not even better.  For those who don’t know, it’s a series based on a book that follows the life of Rae Earl, a teenager struggling to survive the nineties under somewhat extenuating (yet somehow relatable) circumstances. It manages to cover a wide range of mental illnesses in an accessible way without being patronising or alienating and whilst still being hilariously brilliant, which is a pretty impressive feat it must be said. Unfortunately the series is over, although the finale was so fantastic and full to the brim of feels (I won’t spoil it because it doesn’t actually air on tv until tommorrow). If you haven’t seen it, definitely go find it on 4od or you are missing out.

sex & violenceBook- Sex & Violence

I found this book when I was searching for good reads, bored by my AS English Lit set texts and needing something to lose myself in. This had great reviews, saying it was a fantastic coming-of-age type novel but with a bit of originality. I downloaded it on the kindle store because I’m lazy and needed something to read urgently, and managed to finish it in a couple of days. I must say that I really did enjoy reading this; I’m not sure that it lives up to all the hype that surrounded it and I was bitterly disappointed at the ending, but it’s definitely worth a read and certainly has something deeper behind it than so many other books of the genre.

IMG_1709Makeup- Rimmel Colour Rush Balms

I don’t want to write too much about these as I’m planning a more in-depth post sometime soon, but I couldn’t help but mention these wonderful balms that I’ve worn pretty much everyday since I bought them. I have the colours ‘Keep Mauving’ and ‘Raspberry Kiss’ which I love both of and it’s great to have a more neutral as well as a bolder colour for variation. At £5.99, these long-lasting and hydrating balms they are definitely worth it.

IMG_1704Body Care- Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub 

I think I actually got this body scrub for Christmas, but I only dug it out of the cupboard recently and I already love it. It’s the perfect texture on the skin leaves it feeling like a baby’s bottom. Plus the combination of brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macademia smells divine.

supermodel-album-cover_1_Music- Supermodel by Foster The People

As some of you may have seen, I wrote a blog post earlier this week about FTP’s new album in which I went into detail and rated it very highly, so I won’t blabber on too much this time. Lets just say it’s different yet still very Foster, in the best way possible. Best tracks are Fire Escape, Pseudologia Fantastica and A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying the Moon.

weneedtotalkaboutkevinFilm- We Need To Talk About Kevin

Last week I had a few of my friends stay over, and at 1am we wisely decided to watch this film, not really knowing much other than the basic plot line (Demented kid. Kills loads of people.) Having been in love with Ezra Miller ever since first watching Perks, it was great to see him work so perfectly in a totally different role. The story line is shocking, heart breaking, but also incredibly well written. All in all, this has to be one of the best films I have seen in a long while and I can see why it receives so much attention. Really need to just read the book now.

breakfast clubPlace- The Breakfast Club, Brick Lane

Once again, I’ve already written a post on this so I won’t go into too much detail, but this place teams the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten with the coolest interior known to man. What more is there to say?

Picture1Food- Drumstick Squashies

My friend actually introduced me to these on a trip to the co-op after an exhausting day at work today and I’m hooked. Remember those delicious drumstick lollipops that we all used to love in primary school? Well these are the same, but minus the sticks and a bit less chewy. As close as you get to heaven for 49p.

So there you have it: some of my favourite things this month which I couldn’t help but share with you. Make sure to check the stuff out because I don’t just obsess over things for nothing.



Rhythm and Views: Supermodel- Foster The People

It’s very rare that a band releases a debut album that defines them immediately, but this is exactly what indie-pop heroes Foster The People managed back in 2011 with ‘Torches’. Songs like ‘Houdini’ and ‘Call It What You Want’ became the songs of the summer; the perfect aftermath of a collision between half of the genres under the sun. It was completely original and oh-so-very-Foster; there’s no mistaking those dreamy  harmonies and dulcet tones. Not to forget, of course, ‘Pumped Up Kicks’, the hit that rocketed them to fame and became something of an anthem that even my parents recognise and sing along to on the few occasions that I get control of the dinner music.

So after a success like ‘Torches’ that I’m still listening to regularly 3 years later, it was inevitable that a follow-up album that lived up to or even exceeded those standards was a pretty big ask. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know that I’ve hotly awaited their second album to see what they’ve managed to concoct this time. After only a few listens, I must say that ‘Supermodel’ doesn’t fail to please.

The album kicks off with ‘Are You What You Want To Be’, which I’ve heard many people rightly point out has a very Vampire Weekend-esque feel to it, matched with their compulsory catchy sing-along style chorus. The pace slows down for ‘Ask Yourself’, a song that takes you to sunny-beached summer holidays as Mark’s silky vocals glide over the dreamy lyrics. ‘Coming of Age’ is the next song and is arguably the most reminiscent of ‘Torches’ whilst still definitely acting as a move away from their roots- although a move towards what I am unsure as of yet. It seems Foster have used this as a chance to ignore the pressure to fit into a genre and to push the boundaries and find their own place in the music industry.

Skimming past the unassuming yet charming ‘Nevermind’ we hit the real stand out track on the album- ‘Pseudologia Fantastica’. At five and a half minutes, it’s the longest  song, and it seems just like any other FTP song until you hit the fourth minute and it starts to slowly descend into a psychedelic frenzy. And I mean that in the best way possible. This is picked up again by the almost choir-like interlude that comes in the form of thirty-three-second-long  ‘The Angelic Welcome of Mr. Jones’. Leaving you sitting there confused, no time is wasted before leaping into the opening riff of ‘Best Friend’ in a way which is very atypical of Foster, before continuing towards a chorus and bridge which is much more familiar, yet somehow still fresh.

Following this you find the wonderfully new and original ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying the Moon’, which hides it’s unusually thought-provoking lyrics behind electronic undertones and the only track on which their full display of vocal range is displayed (plus I can’t help but note the fantastic song name). This is succeeded by ‘Goats in Trees’, which I have heard many people call the low-point of the album, yet I can’t help but find the simple, almost country-like feel of it rather charming. Not something you’d be playing on repeat but it slots into the album nicely, fully proving that Foster have indeed done some growing up in the past three years.

The penultimate track is called ‘The Truth’ and is possibly the epitome of the dream-like state which the album induces, with layer upon layer of refined vocals paired with a toned down backing beat that is an absolute pleasure on the ears. As if they hadn’t varied enough in the tracks so far, the final track ‘Fire Escape’ is almost heart-achingly beautiful. We finally get a chance to hear Mark’s exquisitely raw  vocals with no pretenses to hide behind; a totally unexpected yet warmly welcomed acoustic conclusion that somehow just works.

So is it better than their debut? I would have to hesitate before affirming this since I loved ‘Torches’ and it still remains firmly in my most-played pile of vinyl, but I feel like ‘Supermodel’ is one of those albums that will just keep growing on me. Whilst I can’t help compare its relatively laid-back feel to the makes-you-want-to-dance aspect of their debut that I loved so much, I’m definitely excited to see how the new tracks will translate live when I see them at Reading in August. So well done boys, you’ve done it again. Not half bad.

Best Tracks: ‘Ask Yourself’, ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying the Moon’, ‘Pseudologia Fantastica’ and ‘Fire Escape’

Dare To Bare

I was actually going to write a completely different post this week, but I couldn’t leave this be without saying my piece. As many of you will have seen, there’s a phase going round on Facebook where girls nominate each other to take a no makeup selfie and post it online before nominating their friends to carry on the trend. There are clearly similarities here with other, less innocent, phases such as the neknomination fiasco that actually resulted in multiple deaths. But this is for charity. Now I don’t know if I am the only one that took a while to actually realise this, as the first few posts I saw had no mention of the purpose behind the trend-it’s strange how a charitable campaign can be criticised,  but there are so many people who have just taken the opportunity to show off how good they can look without makeup, with no mention of the cause whatsoever. Eventually it became apparent that this was a campaign for Cancer Research UK- although whether started by the charity themselves or just some do-gooders I am unsure. The idea of it is to post your no makeup selfie next to a picture of your donation to the charity, which is done by texting BEAT to 70099, before nominating friends to pass it on.

As someone who only recently started wearing makeup again after 9 months without it,  I find it pretty sad that I’ve seen negative comments aimed at some of these girls; telling them that they should put the makeup back on or other unnecessary remarks. I find it disgusting that people assume that females should have to cake themselves in makeup because because, god forbid, everyone might realise that most girls don’t have naturally flawless skin and two-inch eyelashes. So of course it’s our duty to be something we are not in order to be attractive whilst men are allowed to just roll out of bed and go out without a glance in the mirror. I’m not trying to turn this into some kind of feminist rant, and I know that many women (including myself) wear makeup because they like to do so and not for anyone else, but people like this just make me angry and I couldn’t leave it without saying anything.

I just want to make sure that the whole message of this campaign is not lost; cancer is a horrible issue that is almost certain to affect you or someone you know at some point, and Cancer Research is a great charity. Do your no-makeup selfies to raise awareness and donate your £3, but don’t lose sight of what the real point in this is- saving lives not getting attention.

Paper Views: The John Green Hype

As a teenage girl who frequents Tumblr and YouTube like I am paid to do so, it’s inevitable that I would be swamped with hazy nature photos overlayed with supposedly deep and meaningful quotes. Prominently among these are the one and only John Green; the king of the coming-of-age novels of our generation. Whilst this title is all good and well, do they really live up to the hype?


TFIOSThe Fault In Our Stars
This was the first book I read by John Green, soon after it was published in 2012, and before it was turned into a quote dictionary for pale indie bloggers. Telling the story of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters, TFIOS manages to capture the thought process of teens and makes a pretty hard to imagine situation actually quite relevant to the reader. Which is pretty impressive, especially having been written by a thirty-something-year-old father of two. It has the incredible ability to wrap its audience around its little finger and take them on an emotional rollercoaster, before dumping them back down into reality with little ability to recover. I’ll admit it- I cried.



Looking For Alaska

The second book by John Green that I read was Looking for Alaska, which I immediately fell in love with. He has this incredible ability to make the reader find a piece of themselves inside every character; whether it be weedy, biography-obsessed Miles Halter, or crazy, unpredictable, beautiful Alaska Young. I won’t spoil the ending for anyone who hasn’t read it, but it’s one of those conclusions that leaves you screaming inside with the injustice of it. Moreover, I can’t help but see a modernised likeness to Holden Caulfield (The Catcher in the Rye) in Miles that emphasises the idea that John Green has done for our generation what Salinger became an icon for. Is it up to the same standard? That’s up to you to decide for yourself.


DSC_0302An Abundance of Katherines

As a self-confessed math geek, I’ll admit that this book, and the incredibly poignantly presented character of Colin, intrigued me on an intellectual level. However, I must say that I  found it hard at times to move past the completely unrealistic and almost pre-teen story line; including a quest for more Katherines for Colin to date and a chart which claims to predict the future of any relationship based on  several factors of the personalities of the two people. Although probably my least favourite of his novels, it is an entertaining read and once again, John displays his ability to create characters to whom everyone can relate. I mean, aren’t we all just searching for our own “Eureka moment”?


Paper TownsDSC_0308

Ever wished that one night you’ll hear the patter of pebbles on your bedroom window and look out to see a silhouette in the night, a voice promising excitement and adventure? Well I know I certainly have, and so did Quentin Jacobsen- although, fortunately, in his case he gets his wish in the form of thrill-seeking yet beautifully damaged Margo Roth Spiegelman. Their relationship has many similar features of that of Alaska and Miles, with the ending being ultimately less upsetting, but in other ways a whole lot more tragic. There are many beautiful moments in this book that caught my breath and John once again displays his ability to play on the reader’s heartstrings.


DSC_0310Will Grayson, Will Grayson

This is an unlikely story of two boys- very different yet oddly similar in ways which go further than just their names. I’m still completely on the fence about whether I liked this book; in some ways I thought it was brilliantly written and I loved the idea that the dual-author aspect made each chapter like a reaction to the previous one. I also liked some of the characters, in particular the Will Grayson who likes to only write in non capitals, which I think was actually David Leuithan’s part. I wouldn’t count is as one of my favourites, but as a Christmas present it was definitely an enjoyable read.


So are they worth the hype? It’s hard to say really; whilst people can criticise them all they like and say that the writing itself isn’t the best quality, no one can say that they don’t have a place in the literary world. The numerous awards his books have won are testament to the huge audience which they captivate and the fact that TFIOS is being made into a movie is proof that these kind of books sell. As long as you don’t try and compare John to the likes of Salinger and Fitzgerald, and just accept that he is at the forefront of a new wave of teen writers, then he fares pretty well. Plus, he doesn’t half know how to turn people of all ages into blubbering idiots.

No Place Like London

I don’t think I would be a true Brit if I didn’t say that I love London; it’s the symbol of our country and let’s face it, it’s an incredible city. There’s a guy called Samuel Johnson that said “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford” and I have to say I agree with this. It’s a place filled with the prospect of great things-a place where dreams happen, as cliché as that sounds. My favourite thing about London though, is the variety which you find. No matter what kind of person you are or what your idea of fun is, you’ll find it in this fast-paced city that never sleeps.

I actually got the chance to go to London with my mum and stepdad yesterday, hence my decision to write this. As someone who goes to London a fair bit and loves to find new places to obsess over, I thought it might appropriate to share some of my favourite places that I went to yesterday..




1) The Classic Car Boot Sale

As my mum and stepdad run a vintage clothing and homewares business, every place we visit involves vintage fairs- without fail. This trip was no exception, so we found ourselves at the Classic Car Boot Sale, outside on the most beautiful day of the year so far. It was a lovely morning and they had loads of really interesting stalls. As you can see above, they also had some beautiful old cars, bikes and scooters- half of which I wanted to take home with me. With thousands of visitors, music playing and the beautiful weather, there was a great atmosphere and I really enjoyed myself even though I didn’t buy anything. Although this was only the second one of these fairs that has been done, they are definitely worth checking out to find the next date if you like this kind of thing!


tea and crumpets


2) Good & Proper Tea Company

I love tea as much as any other English girl, so when I saw a van advertising tea and crumpets I didn’t hesitate long in going over and ordering a cup of darjeeling and a fresh sweet  crumpet with rhubarb jam.  At 10am this is exactly what I wanted and the woman who served me was the cutest and most helpful thing ever, she helped me decide from their fantastic range of teas (getting excited about tea makes me sound so sad but I don’t really care ok). They set little timers to ensure your tea brews for the optimal time which, as a sucker for effort, I find adorable. Plus the crumpets are to die for.


south bank


3) Southbank

Famed for it’s skating park, Southbank is a lovely stretch of London along the River Thames. With beautiful views across London and right next to the London Eye, it seems to be almost the central point of the city. There’s also always stalls and other things going on which makes it a lovely place to walk along, especially on a beautiful day like yesterday.


breakfast club


4) The Breakfast Club, Spitalfields

This next find is thanks to Carrie Fletcher, whose video a few weeks ago told of how much she loved this place, and after googling it I really wanted to check it out. As if being named after one of my favourite films wasn’t enough, this place serves breakfast (my favourite meal of the day) all day- what could be more perfect? Selling everything from full English to Spanish specialities to American pancakes and berries, this cafe can’t go far wrong. Unsurprisingly for those who know me, I opted for the latter option with extra bacon of course, and a virgin apple mojito (both pictured above). Although I felt ready to burst afterwards, it was hands down the best breakfast I have ever eaten. Team this with the fact you have to get to the toilets (wallpapered with My Little Pony and years of graffiti) by going through a fridge, and you might have an idea about how cool this place is. Aside from moving in, the next best thing you can do is go visit one yourself and see what all the hype is about. Find them at


brick lane


5) Brick Lane

Brick Lane, apart from Camden, is probably my favourite place in London. It’s basically vintage heaven, with about 3/4 shops packed full of gems at pretty good prices for the most part. Aside from this, it’s a beautiful place full of street art, which is one of my favourite things about London (I’m determined to get a street artist to paint the inside of my house when I am older). It is an area full of creativity and youth; always full of depressingly cool and beautiful people.









6) Beyond Retro & Blitz London

These are my two favourite vintage shops in existence, and they both have branches on Brick Lane, which makes me love them even more. I first found Beyond Retro when I was in Brighton with a friend a couple of years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since, going every time I am in London. Both of these shops are great for building up essentials, with hundreds of similar items in varying colours, it’s dead simple to find way too many things that you want to buy. Definitely worth visiting if you like that sort of thing, find them at and


There are many more places I could rave about; London is full of hidden treasures that just need searching out. These are just a few that I visited yesterday and wanted to share with you, some of which I wouldn’t have known about without the likes of Carrie so what kind of person would I be if I didn’t pass them on? I’ll probably post some of these photos on my Instagram too so go check that out if you want to, otherwise that’s it until next time!

Beckie x

Rhythm and Views: Reading Lineup Reaction

If you were scrolling through Twitter at any point on Monday night, you will have no doubt run into countless over-excited teens alternately fangirling and complaining about this year’s Reading & Leeds Festival lineup. I thought it might be a good first post for me to talk about which side of the line I stand and who I’m especially excited about seeing.

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to go to Reading. Aside from the fact that it is only 10 minutes away from my dad’s house, it’s always struck me as the epitome of a perfect weekend: hundreds of thousands of like-minded people, a fuckload of great music, and a general consensus that everyone just wants to have a good time. Due to being a student, which of course comes with the obligatory lack of money, this is the first year I’ve been able to afford a ticket and to be honest it’s the only thing enabling me to look past exam season and to a summer that I hope will be fabulous.

As is always the case with music, I know that there’s a hell of a lot of people out there that’ll completely disagree with my opinions but isn’t that part of the fun of it? It would certainly be a lot more boring if everyone liked the same thing and there were no Beliebers to ridicule. So of course, this is just my personal opinion, feel free to agree or disagree to your hearts content.



QOTSA– I’ll be completely honest and say I’ve never really been a massive fan simply because I haven’t listened to a lot of their music. I’ve heard a crazily wide range of opinions on them so I guess the only way to find out is to listen myself. Failing that there’s always the Courteeners to go watch instead.

Paramore and Lily Allen Visit FUSE's "The Sauce" - June 13, 2007

Paramore– Aside from a brief stint in year 9 when I thought that “The Only Exception” was the best song ever written, I’ve never listened to a lot of Paramore songs but the ones I do know are definitely danceable, so you can’t go far wrong with that. Won’t be rushing to the front but wouldn’t mind catching some of their set, if only for Hayley Williams’ famously great stage presence.


Vampire Weekend– Wanted to see them live for a long time and I think a festival is their perfect venue to be honest. Very excited.

jimmyeatworldJimmy Eat World– It’s quite coincidental actually, as before this year I hardly knew of Jimmy Eat World, aside from “The Middle” of course, which was one of the first songs I learnt on guitar. Recently though I’ve listened to them a lot more and I’m definitely going to be at the main stage for their set.

courteenersThe Courteeners– Been in love with these guys for quite a while. Excited is an understatement.

drengeDrenge– Saw them live supporting Peace back in December and I can’t say I’m especially thrilled about repeating it, I just don’t get the hype. I think enjoyment definitely depends on level of intoxication here.


arcticmonkeysArctic Monkeys– anyone that knows me wouldn’t have to ask my opinion on Arctics headlining, and they’d only have to look as far as my bedroom ceiling for reassurance. This time last year I would never have imagined I would see Arctics live so soon, let alone twice in one year. Since seeing them in October I know how incredible they are live and doubled with a festival atmosphere and the same friends I went with last time, I think it’s fair to say it will be an above average Saturday night.

Jake-BuggJake Bugg– Although I’ve always been a fan of his music and admired his ethic towards “real music”, he’s always struck me as, to be completely frank, a complete dick.Who knows though, maybe he’ll put that aside and give a great show, I’ve heard a lots of good things about him live so I’ll save judgement.

imagine dreagonsImagine Dragons– I know that this band are one that a lot of people have a strong hatred for, but I must admit I do actually like their music- I’m a sucker for songs that are easy to dance to.

foster-the-peopleFoster the People– It’s crazy how long I have wanted to see this band for, I’ve loved them for such a long time and it’s kind of surreal I will actually see them this summer. I just pray that they play lots of their older songs.

peacePeace– One of the bands I’m looking forward to seeing most, since seeing them last December I know how incredible they are live and I cannot wait to relive that.

bombaybicycleclubBombay Bicycle Club– For me, Bombay are that one band that you try to get tickets to see everytime they tour, yet for some reason or other you can never go. Believe me, it’s the most irritating thing. So when I heard they were playing Reading and actually headlining the main stage I was beyond excited, but I fear that seeing them would compromise any chance of a decent place for Arctics, even though they assure fans  on twitter that they would not clash, saying “we’re not that stupid”.

cagetheelephantcage03Cage The Elephant–  A band I used to love but haven’t listened to a lot of in recent months, I’m definitely excited to see them play live. Some of my friends saw Cage supporting Foals (no jealously there at all nope) last month and I heard incredible things about them so my expectations are high.


blink-182Blink-182– This brings me back to my childhood so much, with Blink and Sum 41 blasting out of my CD, I was such a nineties kid. I’m really hoping that their set finishes later than Disclosure so I can see them; otherwise I might have to try and escape earlier for some good old reminiscing.

youmeatsixYou Me At Six– There was once a time when I had a lot of love for this band. I must admit that time isn’t now, but I’m still really looking forward to seeing them and rekindling my love. Plus I hear they’re amazing live.

DisclosureDisclosure– Although not typically a great electronic/dance fan, I have a definite soft spot for Disclosure, I think what they have done for the genre is phenomenal and they make the kind of music that means you can’t help but feel happy. I’ve heard from people that went last year that they were the best act of the festival, so I’m happy to see they’re headlining the NME stage. Very Excited.

clean-banditClean Bandit– One of the most hotly talked about bands since the lineup was released, I think it’s fair to say the crowd will be large and I will most likely be amongst them.

1975The 1975– Managing to pick up the Worst Band Award at the NME Awards recently, it’s rather ironic that they are now to play on the NME stage at Reading I must admit. Although I have to agree with the masses that say their songs all sound the same and they aren’t exactly the most original band, I don’t think some of their songs are half bad and I feel a festival could be a good venue for them… I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I must admit though, the way they write like // T H I S // all the time is beyond infuriating.

So that’s it. As you can probably tell I am over the moon with the majority of the lineup and I’m really hoping it’ll be a great weekend- well worth the ridiculous fee of £230 that I tried to transfer from my wages with my eyes closed in pain. However there’s always going to be disappointments and people that you’d love to see who don’t appear on the lineup. So who’s missing for me? Foals for one, I was really hoping they would play and I think they would be incredible to see at a festival so I’m definitely a bit gutted by that.

There’s plenty of others and I could talk about this subject for hours but I fear this post is too long already so I’ll end it here. Hope everyone who is going to Reading is happy with the lineup too, and I’ll see you there.

Beckie x

Third Time Lucky

Since I was a little girl, I’ve loved to write. From crappy love songs when I was 8 to poetry that I thought would change the world when I was 13, there has been no better way to hide myself away from the world than with a pen and paper.

Recently I’ve had to start to think seriously about what I want to do with my life, as I have to apply for university in just a matter of months. There was never really any question about  what I want to do, as no career seemed more perfect to me than journalism; of course I only ever saw the rose-tinted-spectacles view of it- the interviews with Hollywood celebrities, parties every night and the hustle and bustle of life in London or New York- basically a scene from The Devil Wears Prada.

Now, at 17 years old with hopefully a little more sense, I thought a blog would be a great place to start. I’ve tried this twice before, hence the name of the post, but this time I am hoping (possibly in vain) that I will actually be able to keep at it and not slack on posting like I  have previously.

To try and ensure this, I have decided that setting a regular post day was the best way to go. So at the moment the plan is to blog every Sunday talking about my week and just anything I want to write about (this could go completely wrong but we’ll see). Then at some other point of every week I will try and post on either Rhythm and Views or Paper Views, which are based on music and book reviews respectively.

As I write this it is the first beautiful sunny day of the year, which is something to treasure in England. While the weather and my consequential sense of optimism are both likely to be short-lived, I figure this is a good place to start and I’m excited to start blogging again.

See you soon for my first proper post,

Beckie x